As a businesswoman, a mother, and a volunteer, I often felt that I straddled completely different worlds, that I assumed three different mantles.  Coaching allows me to bring all aspects of who I am to the service of my clients.  Coaching allows me to think clearly about the path I want to take through life and who I want to be as I follow that path – and it allows me to help you do the same.  Through coaching, I help you choose your path and be the true you, the you who’s there during your best, most powerful moments. 


I’ve been a businesswoman for 30 years. I’ve worked as consultant and manager at the strategy consulting firm Bain & Company, I owned a small manufacturing business, I worked as a Sales Operations VP at Corbis, Inc, and I consulted at Microsoft. My experience encompasses large companies and small, and I’m comfortable working with everyone at all levels of a business – from the CEO to the craftsperson on the shop floor.

I was educated in Seattle public schools, earned my BA in Economics at Claremont McKenna College in southern California, and received an MBA from  Harvard Business School. Most recently, I trained and received my certification (CPCC) in the CTI Co-Active© approach to coaching, which perfectly matches how I work with clients. I've been back to Harvard Business School to coach women in the Women's Leadership Forum, a week-long exploration of women's leadership development.  

I've also been active in the non-profit world and the local politics scene. I currently serve on the boards of the Washington Women's Foundation and Educurious. Previously, I was elected to the Mercer Island School Board and served as Board President for most of my term. I've chaired campaigns for a school bond and a city councilwoman, and I've actively campaigned for common sense gun legislation in Washington state.

I'm married and have two young adult daughters. I love Pilates, golf, friends, learning, travel and reading.

For more detail, see my LinkedIn page here.

I Believe:

  • In you
  • That you are creative and resourceful
  • In sharing and caring
  • That the path toward fulfillment starts with the decision to seek it
  • That coaching can help you be the best you
  • In infinite possibilities
  • That women are claiming their power
  • That curiosity and intuition can lead to transformation
  • That learning never stops
  • That the world is better when female and male energy permeate leadership at all levels
  • That the future is bright